Thursday, June 3, 2010

AB 1998 Fact Sheet

Revised 7/16/10


Single-Use Bag Reduction Act


Existing law requires an operator of a store, as defined, to establish an at-store recycling program that provides to customers the opportunity to return clean plastic carryout bags to that store. This requirement is repealed on January 1, 2013.

This bill would repeal those at-store recycling program requirements on January 1, 2011, and would instead, on and after January 1, 2012, prohibit a store of a certain size (July 1, 2013 for smaller stores), as defined, from providing a single-use carryout bag to a customer and mandate that the store offer reusable bags or recycled paper bags (at 5 cents each) for sale.


  • To reduce the ever increasing amount of marine debris in our oceans and waterways. According to the California Coastal Commission, the majority of marine debris is composed of plastic materials; 60 to 80 percent overall and 90 percent of floating debris

  • To stem the pollution resulting from an low recycling rate of 5% with bags ending up in our landfills or the environment

  • To recognize that The North Pacific Gyre in the Pacific Ocean is home to the largest accumulation of plastic pollution, now estimated to be the size of the United States and is increasing rapidly.

  • To address the threat to 267 species of wildlife, from marine debris through ingestion or entanglement, including sea turtles, fish, marine mammals, and various species of sea birds.

  • Plastics made from bio-based sources that are marketed as "compostable" or "biodegradable" are not environmentally sound alternatives to plastic carryout bags because they have not been shown to degrade in aquatic environments and require conditions only available in composting facilities to rapidly break down into constituents that assimilate back into the environment. Most Californians lack access to composting facilities capable of accepting compostable plastic bags.

  • Paper bags made from virgin materials are not environmentally sound alternatives to plastic carryout bags because the production of these types of bags contributes to deforestation, natural resource depletion, greenhouse gas emissions, and waterborne wastes.

  • Recycled content paper carryout bags are recyclable and have fewer negative impacts than virgin paper bags, recycled content paper carryout bags are not environmentally sound alternatives to plastic carryout bags, because the production of these types of bags contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and waterborne wastes.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Please Attend Gregory Canyon Landfill Hearing

Please attend the Gregory Canyon Landfill hearing tomorrow. This dangerous project would impact our watersheds and beaches downstream. See the following notice from our friends at Sierra Club for information and transportation.

As you know the proposed Gregory Canyon Landfill threatens the San Luis Rey River and its vital fresh water supplies. It would also desecrate a sacred mountain. The US Army Corps of Engineers will hold a public hearing to "scope" the contents of an Environmental Impact Statement being prepared for the project. We hope to get a large turnout to demonstrate opposition to the project. Testimony is welcome and should focus on the lack of demonstrable need for the landfill and the imperative of a Least Environmentally Damaging Practicable Alternative (LEDPA) that does not have the severe impacts associated with this site.

Here are the particulars:

June 3, 2010
6:00 p.m.
City of San Marcos Senior Center
Horizon Room
111 Richmar Avenue,
San Marcos, CA 92069

Please let your members know and otherwise try to round up attendance -- especially by signing up for the chartered bus the Sierra Club is organizing. Here is the information for the bus -- please pass along!

Ride With Us on a Charter Bus To Protect Drinking Water!
Gregory Canyon Landfill Army Corps of Engineering Hearing
June 3, 2010 6:00pm
City of San Marcos Senior Center (Horizon Room)
111 Richmar Avenue

4:30 PM -- Bus departs Sierra Club office
8304 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego
Return, leave Senior Center between 8:30 and 9:00
** Snacks and Water, will be provided
Call 858-569-6005 to save your space!

Please ATTEND the public meeting and tell the Army Corps of Engineers to protect our aquifers, the San Luis Rey river basin, the wildlife and precious drinking water supplies that come from this region! We need to make a bold statement; the more people who attend the meeting, the louder the message will be to the Corps.
It is important that the Army Corps get the message loud and clear that placing a garbage dump in a river basin makes NO SENSE! Garbage and water is a recipe for disaster.

For more information contact Ed Kimura at or 858-569-2025; or Pam Epstein at or 858.569.6005.